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Fresh New Look


Welcome to our new site! Instead of spring cleaning our homes (no, thank you), we decided to unveil a fresh, new home for!
If you poked around, you may have noticed that we are now accepting preorders for all our products! We really worked hard to get the Mina Bag and accessories line perfect, so this is an exciting milestone for us. And the checkout process rocks.

Anyway, we have a few things to be excited about in the next 2 weeks!
- Our new/reworked swaddle design will be making it's debut.
- We'll be working with a couple fabulous bloggers/Instagrammers who will feature our products and do some GIVEAWAYS (woot! woot!).
- Our shipment of Mina Bags will be arriving here in LA to be prepared to go to their forever homes.

- Mina Baie LA will be featured in Tatler Magazine! Check back here for the scoop.

So, as you can see, we've been busy bees. But it's all in the name of helping moms be fly as hell, which is really a very important calling.
Cheers and have a great week!