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What's With All The Boobs?


We love them! I mean, who doesn't? They're soft, snuggly, and so very misunderstood. There's this prevailing belief in our culture that breasts were made to attract the male gaze- that these blobs of fat and glandular tissue are sex organs, and they need to be covered in public. Oh wait, no... They can be mostly uncovered in public, as long as they're advertising something or just generally lookin' good. But if a mom whips one out in public to, ya know, perform its singular biological function, it's suddenly weird and gross. What a strange world we live in! I'm all for boobs just generally out there lookin' good, but to reduce these milk-making wonder-spheres to mere eye candy is just ridiculous!
Anyway, there's a cure for this madness! And it's boobs. Specifically boobs feeding babies. So, we show boobs feeding babies a lot on our social media. We figure the more people see it, the less it'll faze them. That's our goal. For the public at large to be unfazed by the sight of a woman feeding her child, whether she uses a bottle or the breast, whether she nurses with or without a cover, and whether her child is two months or two years old.
A lot of women have major struggles with breastfeeding; as natural as it is, it is a skill to be learned, and most girls grow up having never even seen a woman breastfeed! My daughter had a severe posterior tongue tie and upper lip tie that made nursing absolute hell for months. Her weight fell to the 9th percentile, she was miserable nearly all of the time, I was hospitalized for mastitis twice, and I had no idea that it didn't have to be so hard. Her tongue tie revision was mishandled at the hospital, and I was told her lip tie didn't even need a revision. You'd think that your child's pediatrician is a good resource for breastfeeding help, but many of them have rudimentary knowledge at best, and dangerous misinformation at worst. In this modern world where the 'village' is largely a thing of the past, we NEED breastfeeding to lose the taboo. We need to normalize it, and we need to talk about it!
Last week, we asked our followers to share their breastfeeding experiences, and we were so moved by the responses. A mother will go to the ends of the earth to provide the very best for her baby. We were truly inspired, and are more excited than ever to be a part of the #normalizebreastfeeding movement. Feed all the babies!