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Redefine Mom Style


Have you ever noticed that stuff marketed to moms is generally.. kinda lame? It's all cheesy patterns and outdated silhouettes, right? Ick.

Sure, we need comfortable clothes and practical accessories. This is fact. When your 2 year old goes running full board straight toward a busy road, you're glad you wore your trusty sneakers and yoga pants. But hey, I want to look good when I run into oncoming traffic to rescue my maniacal little person! Don't you? I want to head out into the world every day feeling like my pre-baby self would be like, "hey, lookin' pretty good!", should we happen to meet on the street (in my head, this is totally possible).

Of all the ugly things that moms are doomed to carry around, diaper bags are the worst. It's almost like someone somewhere was like, "we need to design these bags with weird cartoony animals and babyish patterns so that everyone will correctly identify the woman carrying it as a mother! Without the ugly bag she'll just look like any other woman! And yes, put lots of bulgey pockets on the outside. And Velcro. And webbing. Make it look like an army medic bag coated in baby wall paper from the 90's!"

Ugh. Listen, person who gave rise to the ugly diaper bag: I have to carry this thing. Not the baby. It's MY bag, and it should reflect MY style, not my infant's.

We all know the handbag is the focal point of every outfit. A great one can pull together even the most casual style and give it an effortless, polished look. So when Jenna and I started Mina Baie, we set out to create diaper bags that are super easy to style, and give every outfit a major lift. We wanted it to look great with everything from jeans and a tee, to a date-night dress and heels (yes, I take my diaper bag on dates. A girl really gets accustomed to all that space!). I love accessories that make getting dressed easier, and the Mina Bag really does; you can throw on a simple outfit, grab your Mina Bag, and head out looking fab.

We are trying to do more than just make diaper bags at Mina Baie. We are redefining mom style! Us moms deserve to feel great, without having to put in a ton of effort. Don't you agree?

Join us and follow along on Instagram and Twitter @minabaie, and on Facebook @minabaieLA

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