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How To Make Valentine's Day Meaningful And Magical For Your Children, In 13 Fairly Simple Steps!


LOL. I'm just kidding. I'm not even doing 2 steps to make Valentine's Day special for my kid, let alone 13. Why? Because I don't want to. I used to stress out over making cute little crafts and cookies and things for my daughter, and then I was miserable and exhausted on holidays that she won't understand for years. Years!

Nowadays, I'm much more selective with how I spend my precious time, and I realize that Valentine's Day is not about children (unless we're talking about making them, amiright?!🖐🏼). As we all know by now, it is a holiday mostly designed to make us buy stuff. And it's also to make single people feel bad about themselves...

Hey, I'm still on board with the chocolate-eating, the champagne-drinking, and the flower-receiving. And if we all take an extra moment each year on Valentine's Day to appreciate and adore our Significant Other (or our Significant Self)- that's great. Our lives are often so hectic and full that we are too exhausted to treat ourselves to regular time alone with our partners. So ladies, let's make those dinner reservations, buy that champagne and do the thing! Yes! Or if that's not your style and you'd rather just get the kids off to bed early so you can lounge on the couch and order pizza- Go You! Whatever makes the day special for you, and your partner (if you have one).
And if you *want* to get up early and make heart-shaped pancakes with organic cacao nibs for your children, then Go You! Do it if you love to cook breakfast foods. Do it because your children's smiles are the only gift your heart desires. Whatever. Just don't do it out of fear that you'll mess up your kid's childhood or be judged by the Pinterest moms. I promise, the Pinterest moms don't care. And I also promise that your babies will be totally fine without any special treatment on Valentine's Day. All they need is a box of those little cards with the perforated edges and Disney characters on them. You know the ones I'm talking about. Just make sure they come with the good candy- I'm talking Nerds and Blow Pops. Don't let your kid be the one giving out Good 'N Plenty at the class party.

How do you plan to spend Valentine's Day?

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