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Back To School Blues


It's Back To School time already! Can you believe it? (I'm jk, I've been counting down the days until the local hoard of school-aged kids is occupied somewhere other than my doorstep all day, so obviously I CAN believe it). I've been trying to conceal my wistful joy that mornings in the neighborhood will be calm again, while simultaneously feigning interest in all the Spider Man pencil boxes and Monster High folders they show me. One little neighbor girl spent fifteen minutes describing the color and design of her new Moana backpack, before finally going, "Actually, I can just go get it and show you!"
Me: "oh ya? Are you sure? Cuz I'd LOVE to see it but your house is so far awa-"
Her: (already running toward her door) "No it's fine I'll be right back!"
Anyway. Her backpack was totally cute and I loved how excited she was to show it off.
But then I started asking her about school- not her new school *stuff*- and her excitement faded. She told me she wasn't excited for school to start. When I asked why, she replied "it's boring. All we do is sit." She is going into second grade.

My heart sank and I remembered that I also dreaded 'back to school', even as a little kid. It felt like a punishment. Even if there were fun moments throughout the day and interesting topics throughout the week, overall the end of summer and the beginning of school was something to dread.

Dude, this isn't right. Right? Is this just the way things have always been? WHY? Cuz it seems to me that six year olds are so naturally curious and filled with wonder that they shouldn't have to be bored by the activity that covers the majority of their waking hours.
My daughter is only three so she isn't ready for school yet, and I'm thankful for that. But time flies and in a few years it could be my little girl, telling the neighbor that she hates school.
Are your school-age kids dreading the school year? Short of moving to Denmark and putting your kids in one of those nature schools, what can we do to turn this around?

#backtoschool #momlife