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Crazy Couple of Weeks, Ya'll!


We've had a few exciting things happen these last few weeks!

1. We're being featured in House of Coco Magazine for their #GirlBoss series! It's a real honor to be included, because women supporting women is kind of our thing. It was also our first time being interviewed, so, ya know: exciting.
I hope we can inspire and empower other women not just to become girl bosses, but to pursue their joy, unencumbered by self-doubt or the expectations of others. What better thing to teach our girls than that?! For more details on our Girl Boss interview, check out our "Press" page later on this week!  

2. Our shipment of Mina Bags came in and SOLD OUT in a week! I am just blown away by that, but also I'm super thankful that we sold out so quickly, because that allowed us to get a rush on our next shipment (which arrives in 2 weeks). Our lives have been a frenzy of warehouse organizing and order filling and toddler wrangling, naturally. We sent out bags to a few moms who had been waiting for nearly a year. It feels like such a huge breath of fresh air to finally get these bags off to their forever homes. A few women have even taken the time to let us know how much they love it, which, if I'm being honest here, totally made us cry. 

Anyway, we're sending out a bunch of bags to bloggers today, so I gotta run!
Wishing everyone a joy-filled week!