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Airport Style: Review by Kiss Me Darling's Bethany Dyer


"When it comes to traveling with kids, I've found it very important to have the right bag. Something with a lot of storage, hands free, and very durable. This Mina Baie bag meets every one of my travel bag requirements, and is gorgeous at the same time. This bag is technically a diaper bag, but considering my boys were potty trained some time ago; I use it as a travel bag. If you are in the market for a good diaper bag though, I would highly recommend this beauty. There's a fold out changing pad included as well as tons of bottle compartments. The storage capability in this bag is pretty amazing, and helps me to keep organized during flights. I was able to hold my laptop, snacks, a tablet, headphones for the kids, books & crayons, and so much more."

- Bethany Dyer (@kissmedarlingblog)

Read the full review HERE.